Galatians 4:19 NIV
[19] My dear children, for whom I am again in the pains of childbirth until Christ is formed in you,

Observation: Paul wants Christians who think like Christ, love like Christ, look like Christ, act like Christ, live like Christ. Instead, what they have become is people who obey all the rules, hoping that will allay God’s wrath against them. Paul wants life-transformation, family transformation, business-transformation, community-transformation. Paul deeply desires that they would be changed, and so he anguishes over where they are heading, what they have become.
Application: So do I. I want to be conformed to Christ. I want my church filled with people conformed to Christ. I want a community conformed to Christ. I want a nation conformed to Christ. I want a world conformed to Christ. And I anguish over a church that has strayed far from our beginnings, strayed far from a life-transforming gospel of grace.
Prayer: Lord, break my heart for what breaks Yours. Make me long for a church that truly reflects a trust in you, not our own righteousness. Make me hunger and thirst after righteousness. Make me labor for the gospel in the hearts, minds, lives of the people of Charlotte Harbor, I ask in the strong and loving name of Jesus.

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