July 16, 2012
Hebrews 13:14 (NLT)
For this world is not our permanent home; we are looking forward to a home yet to come.
Observation:  The author of Hebrews points to a day when we will finally be at home with Christ. This world (not this earth, but this age) is not home. It is a layover on the way to the place of glory and great love. We are renters and sharecroppers and hitchhikers and tenants. This isn’t ours. And we don’t completely belong here.
Application:  Knowing this home is temporary, should we not spend more time in preparation for eternity than we do for vacation? What will meet me at the gate to Heaven will not be my money, my Maserati, or my mansion. It won’t be my power or my privilege or my position or my plaudits. It will be Jesus, who will say to God the Father as he points in my direction, “He is with me.” And, I suspect I will see those who I have impacted for Christ.
Prayer:  Lord, I want to come home. Not yet. I still have much here to do. As much as I would love for my sciatica to not hurt, and to be debt-free, and to have a mansion in glory, and be able to eat Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls (or something even better!) without gaining weight or worrying about cholesterol, and not have to get behind someone driving slow in the fast lane, I am not done here. I still love being with my kids and grandkids. I still enjoy this life. But, help me remember this is temporary. It is not home, nice as it is. Prepare me to be with you in glory. I ask it in Jesus’ strong and loving name.

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