February 10, 2011

ScriptureWhile in Athens, (Paul) was greatly distressed to see that the city was full of idols.  Acts 17:16

Observation:  Paul sees statue after statue of gods that are no gods lining the streets and plazas—reminders of a people who worship stone and wood.  His heart is greatly distressed that people are bowing before rock and wood—out of fear? Because of ignorance?  Or, is it hope against hope?  He just knows that there is a city full of people who are getting more and more lost by the day.

Application:  Our idols?  Sex, cars, gadgets, fun, money, looks, pleasure, youth.  We are addicted to pleasure and afraid of pain.  We will do anything to attain the first and avoid the latter.  And, the Church—are we greatly distressed?  Am I?  Is it more likely that we are largely uninterested?  Unobservant?  Even complacent?  How much do I care?  Do I pledge my life, my money, my energy to tear down idols, and tear veils in two?  The honest answer is “sort of.”

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, Paul was broken in heart by what he saw and what it meant—lost, hurting, broken people—a city full.  It is true here as it was then and there, but how many of us are broken by it?  How many of us care some?  At all?  Break my heart with what breaks Yours.  Make me about eternal things, not transient, temporal concerns.  And help Your church (1st! Church, our tribe, the churches of our area) to have hearts broken for lost people.

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