I have to confess-I am one of those who has struggled with my daily time with Jesus.  While I would like to be disciplined, I can’t honestly say that it comes easy for me.

Nearly 9 years ago, however, a friend introduced me to the LIFE Journal.  It is designed so that one reads the Hebrew Scriptures through once, and the New Testament twice over a calendar year.  In addition, you can journal your learnings from your time spent in the presence of God, noting 4 things:

S-Scripture (Write out the passage that speaks to you that day.)

O-Observation (What you see or hear as God speaks to you from the Scripture.)

A-Application (How this learning applies to your life now.)

P-Prayer (Write out your prayer for what you hope God will do in you.)

This has worked for me.   While I still have a long way to go to say that I am spending time with Jesus 7 days a week, I have so significantly improved my time with Him, and the quality of that time, that I can honestly say it has transformed my life.

I offer some of the learnings, insights, questions, struggles that have helped me to grow.  Like all of us, I still have a long way to go.  But, I pray that these musings will be an occasional stepstone on your path to a closer walk with Jesus.

Yours in the Cause of Christ,