May 18, 2011

ScriptureSo give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.  1 Kings 3:9

Observation:  Solomon asks for THE right thing – a discerning heart.  NOT wisdom, but the ability to judge between right and wrong, to hear God’s voice and distinguish between it and all the competing voices out there.  He does so because leading (governing) is hard.

Application:  I (and all the leaders of God’s Church) need a discerning heart. There are many competing voices – sirens committed to leading the ship of the Church to disaster on the rocks of greed, pleasure, ease, power.  Only one voice – only one beacon – sends a true signal.  And it is a gift from God to hear it, recognize its source, and then, with boldness, follow it.

Prayer:  Lord , may I have a discerning heart? I want to help to lead Your people on right paths. I want us to change the world.  I want Your loving power to flow through us. I want souls saved, bodies healed, the dead raised, marriages restored, righteousness and faithfulness spread throughout the land.  We can’t do it. At least not alone.  Only by hanging onto Your coattails, following in Your footsteps, can we go where You call us to go.  Give me a discerning heart, I pray, in the name of Jesus the giver of all Wisdom.